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Share in the opportunity...

To acknowledge the loyalty and importance of our referrering network, Cheryl Lynne’s Designs has put together a program to issue rewards to anyone who brings a customer to either Cheryl Lynne’s Designs (CLD) or Cheryl Lynne’s Realty (CLR). This program is run through our parent web-site at Chery Lynne’s Home Services. The further the referral pans out, the higher the referral bonus. Details are available through CLHS’s referral page, as well as the opportunity to sign up as a referral partner. When you register as a referral partner with Cheryl Lynne’s Home Services, we will send you a response-email with your referrer ID. Then, when you’re ready to refer someone, hand them one of our business cards and simply write your referrer ID on the back. That way, when the client contacts us, they can give us that ID and we can make sure we get the reward out to you, as well as track your total referral activity. Of course, if you find yourself with a referral and you can’t remember your ID, just send us the referral details through the form below and we’ll figure it out. It may slow things down a bit, but we’ll make sure you get the bonus. Cheryl Lynne’s Home services will issue a VISA gift card in the appropriate amount to the referrer within 5 business days of the qualifying event together with a form-letter showing the details of who the client was, the details of the qualifying event etc (if you are sending us the referral without your ID, this may take a couple days longer) . We can mail this to your home address, or deliver it to you at work, whichever you would prefer. Please visit Cheryl Lynne’s Home Services Referral page to register.

Income tax for referrers

If your referral earnings in one year totaled $600 or more, we will send you a W-9 form once you have reached that total. You will then need to complete this form and get it back to us promptly. Subsequently, you will receive a 1099 form from us by January 31st, which you would include with your income taxes. Note that if we don’t receive the W-9 back from you, we are instructed to withhold any future payouts until it has been received. This only applies to referrers who earn a total of $600 or more throughout the entire year. If you have additional questions outside of this, you may want to consult with your tax adviser.