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Proper planning saves money & grief

We realize this is kind-of obvious, but it’s especially true when dealing with remodel projects. Because these projects touch on pre-existing things that were put together by who-knows-who sometime who-knows-when, remodels have the highest risk of hitting unforeseen circumstances. The obvious checks like is a wall a load-bearing wall can be eye- balled by an experienced DIY’er or handy-man, but getting the structure evaluated by a professional can avoid huge costs a few years down the road. Moreover, once it comes to moving plumbing connections (tub or shower) and electrical services (appliances), it is time to call in the professionals. Once execution has started, every un-foreseen problem or missed detail causes everything to go on hold, contractors have to re-set their availability, and all of a sudden a 4-week project takes many months and the change-order costs are amazing. Don’t be held hostage by your remodel project. Avoid doing the coordination yourself, letting the lead-contractor decide the final design, and dealing with a stream of change-order costs. Instead, let the CLD design staff help. We have a structured framework for creating and documenting the end-result up front, we ensure all of the elements are pre-quoted, and we have an established network of contractors to deal with that glitch before it derails the entire project. While no-one can avoid all unknowns all the time, doing this level of up-front planning can really help keep your project on time and on budget.

Check-list for a contractor:

Have all the permits been pulled &

approved? Has the structure been

reviewed by an engineer?

Are all custom selections (tile, fixtures, flooring, lighting) done and quoted for price and availability? Are all of the trades (plumbing, electrical, tile, carpentry) selected, and have they quoted for price and schedule based on a written SOW? Have they arranged a dumpster, on- site locked storage and a porta-potty? Who has overall liability, and do they have appropriate insurance coverage? Do you have a signed copy of the overall project SOW, the payment schedule and the rules on change- orders? Do you have a copy of their W-9 and insurance paperwork?