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Less is more

A lot of home-sellers make the mistake of adding accessories to a house to make it look more luxurious. Instead, the house ends up looking cluttered, and the accessories look out of place. Let the staff at CLD guide you through how to make the house look every bit as good as it can.

Pre-defined spaces

Most home buyers can’t imagine a different use for a room from what it is when they walk through the house for the 1st time. A room without an obvious purpose leaves them confused and thus less likely to be enthusiastic about the house. As part of our staging service, CLD ensures each room has a clear purpose and feels spacious and inviting.

After 15 minutes, the rest is fluff

Houses, just like people, only have one chance to make a first impression. Fortunately, what the prospective buyers are looking for is relatively predictable. The down-side is that a buyer needs to see those things in the first 15 minutes of the walk-through. At that point the buyers have made up their mind, and anything else they see merely re-enforces their decision. Making a house look like a million dollars (figuratively at least) in under 15 minutes is easier than it may seem. By ensuring that a house projects a level of quality and luxury, you can help realize the maximum return on your house-sale as well as keep the time on the market to a minimum. The process of making a house shine is referred to as “staging”. CLD’s staging experts can help make your house look spacious and inviting. We can arrange temporary storage for your personal items and excess furniture, we can locate size- appropriate furniture for rent, and we can make sure it all comes together for an optimal sales-result.

Sometimes staging is not enough...

Because home-buyers have been “trained” (by HGTV etc) to be on the look-out for a fixed set of features, it may be necessary to add some of those to the house in order to make it sell well. The consultants at Cheryl Lynne’s Designs can go over this list of features with you, and together we can determine whether to upgrade the home before sale. CLD’s designers are very familiar with the cost of doing these upgrades, and whether or not they would raise the value of the home enough to offset the cost. The most common pre-sale upgrades are - Stainless built-in appliances for the kitchen, esp. a microwave - Granite or quartz countertops - Double vanities in the master-bathroom - Changing out dated fixtures & lighting (incl. shower-doors)